02 Master Metal

Master Metal Finishing is a world-class anodizer with advanced technological capabilities. We employ a synergistic combination of ultra-tight chemistry and performance parameters with a state-of-the art computer control system.

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03 Specifications

Master Metal provides a variety of services that all meet or exceed the standards required by ISO-9001 and conform to the listed military specifications.

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04 Methods

Master Metal Finishing offers a variety of special services in order to meet a wide range of needs. We have the ability to process jobs that may be problematic or even impossible for conventional anodizers to process.

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05 MasterCoat

MasterCoat is our proprietary anodized finish that has the beauty of the finest decorative anodizing with abrasion resistance and hardness approaching that of military-grade hard-coat.

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Technology and Training

Computer Control Helps Improve Quality

An operator at Mission control monitors temperatures and flow rates.

Safety-first training and controllers

Our employees receive extensive training and customized wireless controllers for enhanced safety.

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